Theater collaborations

Vaba lava theater: “The Garages”

Take a look at our collaboration with Vaba lava theater (Estonia) in 2020-2021. We took part in 2 projects: “The Garages” and “Karma”.

Our company creates a variety of products for theater stages, for example:

  1. We offer modular decoration designs painted in any color of your choice. We turn your sketch into an actual product and make it as easy to maintain as possible. Our products are light because we mostly use aluminum. Furthermore, it is easy to install, re-assemble and remove the constructions. Finally, modular constructions are very compact to store in warehouses.
  2. Another branch of our company is lighting solutions: we create lights from custom design.
  3. Last but not least, we combine lighting solutions with metalwork constructions.

We’ll be happy to discuss future cooperation! We are also ready to meet at your office to discuss the details!

P.S: Visit us at our showroom in Narva, Estonia to take a look at Saros’s bespoke lighting solutions.