Shopping mall Akropolis, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Some pictures of the intermediate results from our ambitious long-term project in Lithuania.

It’s not our first project for #Akropolis shopping malls in Lithuania, and we once asked the client why they order such complicated and expensive solutions for their shopping mall ceilings when there are definitely much easier and cheaper ways to illuminate the space. The partner says that their experience shows that a proper lighting scenario significantly increases the visitor flow and, therefore, the revenue of the shopping center. So, the owners of the malls are ready to invest in outstanding design and high-quality products for the sake of future revenues. And we are extremely happy to contribute to such interesting projects.

For this particular mall, Saros Est has manufactured lightweight aluminum structures covered with translucent PVC films and kilometers of #Pongs#Descor white textile installed in the Saros damper system. The duration of the project is almost a year, and we plan to finish by August.

The installation process, which is a huge challenge by itself, is being implemented by a collaborative professional team: UAB „Gaudrė“ , Saros EstAleksei Suvorov, and Design PRO . Thank you guys for your great effort and sleepless nights!

Dear UAB „Gaudrė“ team, we highly appreciate our partnership and thank you for choosing us. We wish us all a successful finish to the pending project and hope for more interesting venues in the future.