Moebius lighting solutions


Our mission is to bring the boldest design ideas to life and here is one of them. Welcome to one of our most complex lighting solutions: Moebius 540.

This unique decorative light fixture gets its name because it takes the form of a 540°-twisted Möbius strip (trefoil knot).

In addition to being an amazing independent element of decor, it also serves as a great source of diffused soft light.

There is also a simpler version of this product: Moebius 180 with a 180° twist accordingly. This shape looks more minimalistic but still gives a stylish accent to the interior. 

Both are also available in a variety of customizations. For example, you can choose RGB light instead of classic white. Or you can add a controller to change colors and light intensity as you wish.

And finally, both lighting solutions can be manufactured in different sizes.

Take a look at the photos below to see how stunning both products can look in interiors as well as in our exhibition stand from past years.

And if you are ready to order your stylish lighting solution or want to know more about our products, feel free to contact us:

+372 3566320