Interior LED Lighting “Iceberg Trio”

Lighting solution for a cosmetology clinic.

Take a look at the artistic interpretation of our product!
This is a lighting solution for a cosmetology clinic.

Firstly, we started from a client’s design to create a unique solution. Then we used our stretch ceilings as a diffuser to create a softer light. We commonly use our translucent ceilings as a diffuser for such exclusive individually made projects.

Iceberg series illuminate interior space, at the same time being an independent element of decor. That is because a soft diffuser provides uniform illumination without blinding effect. Moreover, a special manufacturing technology allows us to offer a variety of shapes and sizes, without losing the light characteristics of the luminaire.

In conclusion, the Iceberg series of indoor lighting solutions suit both private, commercial, and public spaces. further, Icebergs provide soft diffused light and create a comfortable environment. Besides, there is an external driver included in the scope of supply.

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